Leadership is a position of service within the church. The core leadership team currently consists of six people, supported by the small group leaders who meet to form the wider leadership team of the church (see Cells). The Leadership team is primarily accountable to the Trustees (currently five).


John is the Chair of the Leadership Team



Church Manager


Andrew has been a part of the leadership team since September 2017 and has recently taken up the post as Church Manager for 1.5 days a week. He is responsible for day to day finance and governance of the church, working with other churches in Luton and keeping control of Gry.



Lucie moved to Luton in 2007, and has been part of the leadership team since 2011.

She's mother to Ruby in her day job, and heads up research at Youthscape in her other day job. With God's help she is slowly learning to be more human, keep life simple and stay focused on love. Eating brunch together is her idea of church.

Lucie is responsible for Teaching and Learning, including the children’s work.  



Laura moved to Luton in 2006 to help plant the church, and to learn more about supporting people with their mental health by training as a nurse. Several years on, the mysteries of God, church and mental health, continue to provide her with plenty to ponder.

Her soul is replenished by the wonder of faithful friendships, growing gardens and small people, and meeting Jesus through contemplative prayer.

Laura is responsible for loving and supporting cell leaders in their important and valuable work.



Jamie is in charge of Hosting and Welcome


Abby has been a part of the leadership team since November 2014. In her day job Abby conjures pedagogical experiments in History in a High School where she is called a 'teacher'. This keeps her busy in term times.

She is intrigued by the mystics, doesn't eat meat (but loves food), tries not to kill flies, is a dab hand in DIY and finds the sacred most dazzling in nature.

Abby is currently taking a sabbatical.


Jane is currently taking a sabbatical