Forgiving Evil: Experience

On the last part of our 10th Practice, our individual experiences on forgiveness were put together and reflected back to us in form of visual liturgy. (The following presentation contains powerful and inspirational messages). Enjoy! 

Giving Our Lives to God: Experience

Sam introduces Eunice and Lahna sharing their experiences of what it means to give our lives over to God. The questions they were asked to reflect on (and that followed in the discussion) were as below:

  1. Can you tell us briefly about a time in your life when you decided to let go and give some aspect of your life to God?
  2. What did that involve, why did you decide to do it?
  3. ooking back now, what do you think about it?

Creating Spaces to Encounter God: Tradition

Our friend Andy Freeman shares his reflections on the tradition of prayer. The group reflections on the four 'soundtracks' that Andy talked about are also posted below.