Remembering: The Eucharist

Abby follows up her and Lucie's talk on The Eucharist with some aphoristic reflections.

The Eucharist is a sacrament, a holy act or ritual. It is a sensual and physical reminder, which brings us back to ourselves, turns us back to God and draws us back to each other. 

The Eucharist reminds us of all that we have to be thankful for in the midst of pain. 

It reminds us that God is the giver of life in every moment. 

It reminds us of the story that we live in, it reminds us of the richness of God's recurrent, giving and open love. 

It reminds us of our need for healing and transformation, reminds us that we have hardened hearts, that we tend to betray, run or hide. 

It reminds us that we are welcome to the table, that all are welcome to the table.

This holy act bring us back to ourselves, brings us back to God and brings us back to each other. 

In the act of eating the broken bread and the spilled wine we partake in and invite the work of the holy spirit to breath in us and continue to make beautiful things out of the dust, out of the mess, out of us.

You may wish to spend some time reading the following liturgical poem by The Liturgists in reflection of the Eucharist, feel free to comment with your own reflections about it.


Thistled ground
Tomb of my love
Heart torn apart
Coming God
Soften the soil
Tend now the scars

Your love breaks us open
Resurrects a garden
A garden

'Love', you said
Poured out like wine
Broken like bread
Waken us
Enliven our minds
Unearth the dead

Rend this heart of stone and mend it into flesh
Let your love bring me to life
Yield this hardened earth until a garden spills the ground
And brings us back to life

Your love breaks us open
Resurrects a garden
A garden