Sunday Gatherings

JOIN US FROM 10.30AM AT bute mills, 74 bute street.

Here's a flavour of what you can expect ...              

10.30am Brunch

Each week someone will offer to provide brunch (paid for the by the church) and we'll eat croissants, fruit and cereal together whilst settling into good, old-fashioned conversation.

11AM The Welcome

At 11am someone will read The Welcome. We wrote it together as a reminder that we are always welcome before God, whatever state of mind (or body!) we're in. Each week someone different chooses a section of The Welcome and reads it out for the group. This is usually followed by a few housekeeping notices.

11.05 Worship & Prayer

Our community is a mix of people with different perspectives on faith, but we share a desire to find God in the world and to explore what it means to follow Jesus. We make a space for us to reflect on God's love for us and to give thanks by singing songs of worship to God together. At any given meeting, some folks may be using this time for silent personal reflection, whilst others are singing along with the music: any response is fine. There'll always be an invitation to worship but not prescription as to how you do it.

As a community we believe we can have an ongoing conversation with God through prayer. In most meetings there is an opportunity to write down a prayer and for it to be read out anonymously.

11.25am Sharing and discussion

Each Sunday we ask someone to share reflections on faith, life, God etc usually along a theme that we've been looking at over the course of a term. Speakers usually bring some questions for us to discuss in small groups. There's no pressure to participate but everyone is welcome to.

During this time there are toys and activities for the young people. Although sometimes they decide to just run around.

12.05 Finish up

As you can probably tell, our meetings are pretty informal and relaxed, with a simple structure that we follow each week. Our aim is to provide a safe, kind and open welcome that reflects the love of God and enables people to experience something of it.

You are most welcome at any of our meetings. If you'd like to find out a little more before coming along, feel free to get in touch via


Kids' Club

Every Sunday (except Communion Sundays on the First Sunday of the Month) we have a Kids' Club where children over the age of 2 spend 30 to 35 minutes singing, playing, running, crafting, and praying! If you'd like to get involved please see our volunteers section here.

For a full look at our safeguarding policies and procedures please click here.