The Welcome

You are welcome. Welcome you who are sleepy, you who are hung-over, tired, worn down and out, weary and hungry. Welcome the joyful, the happy, the giggling, the young, the old, and those still in nappies. Welcome you who are lonely and ill, the empty, the done, the callous, cold and self-involved. Welcome the celebrating, the confused and the betrayed. Welcome the joyful, the thankful, the expectant. Welcome those who are irritable, miserable or frosty. Welcome those who are full of life and those with new lives. Welcome the curious, the weeping, laughing, the mournful and rejoicing. Welcome those worn out by small children, the frazzled. Welcome the frightened and scared.

Welcome the searching and unsure, the boastful and the insecure. Welcome you who are doing just OK, alright, the not quite sure, the dirty, the pure, those with open eyes, those buried under lies. Welcome you who are excited and social, the inspired, the confident, those at ease, the ones who know they’re loved. Welcome those who search, the seekers, the willing to learn. Welcome the numb, those not sure how to engage, those defensive against kind words, the empty. Welcome the dissatisfied and aching, the adventurer and the risk averse.  Welcome the introvert, the extrovert, the noisy and loud and those who just want to roll on the floor with the kids and a handful of toys.

Welcome you who are unknown, the tearful and those only half here. Welcome the lacking, the distracted, the bare. Welcome the angry, the bitter, the clutching and disappointed. Welcome the judgemental and the shameful, the guilt-ridden and the hidden. Welcome the broken and hurting. Welcome the talentless, the bereft, the sulking and self-pitying. Welcome those who don’t know what to say. Welcome the fumblers, the embezzlers, the manic, the rich and greedy, the powerful, the positive, the born again, the dreamers, the pure. Welcome the lost, the self-righteous, the addicted. Welcome to the fantasists, the enthusiasts, the depressed, the thinkers and the clueless. Welcome theist, atheist and agnostic. Welcome those in debt, the generous, the shy, the religious, the cynic, the skeptic, the passive and the hectic.

Wherever you are and whatever you’ve done you are welcome.

We believe that in finding ourselves most wholly welcome and loved, in the presence of One who was despised, rejected, crucified and then resurrected, there is new life. There is transformation. So, welcome.

And in finding ourselves most wholly welcome, we welcome you God, the Great welcomer and our very present peace.